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Design Only - $200

The first option pays for the design work only and K & M Custom Designs retains the copyright to the design as well as the files. They are not released to you; therefore, any use of the design for printing or other products will be done through K & M Custom Designs. We offer nearly everything you could ever need printed with your logo design. If you need any additional designs created using your logo, such as ad designs to be sent to a publication, we will create the files for an additional fee and send them directly to the printer. The printer will have the right to print those designs one time only unless we have agreed upon a different set of restrictions.

Design, Copyright Release & Files - $400

The second option pays for the design work, the copyright release, and all files so that you can do as you please with the logo files. This means you will have the option to send the files to whomever you choose to print, design subsequent designs, etc.

Both above options include 2-6 logo options to choose from and make revisions to in the first proof. Both options include 2 additional proofs to make revisions as you desire for a total of 3 proofs. I am usually able to nail down the final design before we get to the 3rd proof. Any significant revisions needed after the 3rd proof has been received will be billed at $35/hour in 15-minute increments.

K & M Custom Designs does not file a trademark application for your final logo design but if you choose to purchase the copyright release and files, you have the option to do so. K & M Custom Designs, however, will still retain the right to display the designs (from either pricing option) on the web and/or print materials showcasing design samples that have been created by our company. Any attempt to copy or reproduce or otherwise use any designs not purchased for which the copyright has not been purchased will be in violation of copyright laws and will be subject to legal recourse.


Social Media Profile Picture and Cover Photo - $50

K & M Custom Designs also offers social media branding. We can design a custom profile picture and cover photo for Facebook at the price listed above. If branding is required for Instagram, Twitter or any other social media platform, please contact us for pricing.


Screen Printing

All screen-printed items (not including promotional products) have a minimum quantity of 12 per order, and the best pricing starts at 48. Additionally, we do offer heat pressed vinyl for smaller quantities with a minimum of 1 per order. The heat pressed vinyl gives a very similar effect as a screen-printed shirt, but it allows for more flexibility with quantities.

All screen-printing jobs are custom quoted due to the variability of several factors. Some of these factors include shirt style, shirt color, shirt quantity, number of ink colors used in the design, whether the shirts will be printed in one or more locations, shipping costs and design complexity. All screen-printed jobs will require paying screen fees (1 per color per location) and possibly a design fee. Please inquire for a custom quote for your screen-printing order as we do this to simplify things for you.

When ordering shirts, it is best to have a comprehensive list of shirts needed, as ordering a second batch will require paying screen charges (screens are not saved after job is complete) again and sometimes additional shipping. Also, when a second batch is ordered, if the quantity is smaller than the original order, the price per shirt could be more than it was in the original order.


Minimum Quantities

With most items we offer, such as printing jobs, t-shirts, event items and promotional products, the more you order at one time the cheaper it will be per piece. If you know that what you are ordering is something you are going to re-order again at some point in the future, it might be worth it to order a larger quantity in the initial order to save money in the long term. The price per piece will be lower, and you will only incur a screen charge or setup fee one time, as opposed to every re-order that you may make in the future.



All jobs that require a design include 3 proofs in the pricing. If any revisions are needed past the 3rd proof, additional design fees may be incurred and will be determined by K & M Custom Designs. These charges will be billed at $35/hour in 15-minute increments.


Design Copyright

All designs are property of K & M Custom Designs and will not be released to the client unless other arrangements have been made. If the design files are requested, please contact us for pricing specific to your job. All designs are subject to be showcased on K & M Custom Designs’ website in our portfolio as well as on any promotional pieces for K & M unless otherwise arrangements have been agreed upon with the client. All personal information (e.g., names, addresses and phone numbers on invitations) will be changed to protect the client’s identity. All contact information on business designs will be posted as is unless otherwise requested by the client.



All taxable jobs that are completed and billed to a Louisiana address will be taxed at 8.75%. All out of state jobs will not be taxed. Jobs that consist of design work only will not be taxed as no physical product is produced and is considered a service. If your business or affiliation is tax exempt, please provide your tax-exempt number at the start of the project.


Lead Time, Turn Around Time & Shipping

When planning for an event or project, it is ideal to leave a minimum of 3-4 weeks lead-time in order to complete the job. This allows time for designing, proofing, as well as production and shipping time. The more lead-time we have, the better, in case of unforeseen delays.

Most jobs will be ready within 1-2 weeks after proof approval. Production and shipping times do vary and can take more or less time depending on the product. Contact us for exact production and shipping time for your specific job. Production and/or shipping times can also be expedited at an additional fee. Expedited pricing will be quoted upon request.


All invoices will be due upon one of the following terms as stated on the invoice.

50% Due Up Front

All new customers will be required to pay a 50% deposit before the order is started.

Due Upon Receipt

This means the invoice is now due. The order is in production or has already been delivered and the invoice needs to be paid as soon as possible, and no later than 2 weeks from the delivery date. All orders that are being shipped directly to the customer will need to be paid in full up front before the order is sent to production.

Due Upon Delivery

This means full payment is due at the time the order is delivered to you. This is typically when we deliver your order to you in person.

Due Within 30 Days

This means the full payment is due by no later than 30 days of the invoice date.

Unless other arrangements have been made ahead of time, all sales are on a cash basis. Payment is accepted via cash, check or credit card processed through PayPal (only). Appropriate action will be taken for overdue invoices. Any NSF check fees will be required to be paid by the customer.

K & M Custom Designs reserves the right to allow for special payment terms, but this will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

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